HUGS INC. 


 Hugs Inc. Program Entry Requirements :

Be at least 16-18 years of age  ( if under 18 needs parental consent) ,complete all  enrollment forms at school office , have picture ID , complete payment plan form and pay tuition

Must  consent to  a background check -live-scan fingerprint 

Have a current  documented TB test  result 

Be committed to completion of all program requirements, 

May become eligible to take the Illinois State Test    ...........................after successful passing of course requirements and be added to the Illinois Health Care Workers Registry  where employers will check . 


What is a CNA ?

A certified  nursing assistant is trained to take care of individuals  under the direct supervision of a Licensed Nurse (RN, LPN ) CNA's uses skills learned to assist with mobility, toileting , bathing , grooming ,maintaining nutrition and fluid intake , monitoring the vital signs and is a valuable member of the healthcare team , can provide hands on care to residents , patients, clients in a variety of health care settings . 

This profession is in demand due to the baby boomer aging population  and can be beneficial in entering the Professional Nursing  Training Programs

             Employment can be gained in various settings  

                    Long Term Care and Acute Care Settings

                      Nursing Home & Rehab Centers 

                     Hospice & Home Health & Private Care Settings

                    Assisted Living , Adult Daycare Centers

                    Hospitals, Medical Clinics , Urgent Care Centers .

                                                                                            CNA's can earn $25,000- 32,000 yearly



A Phlebotomist is a trained member of the healthcare team who performs a variety of procedures and specific preparation in the collection of blood specimens as written and ordered by a physician .

Phlebotomists can work in in areas of many medical facilities , hospitals, clinics, certified laboratories, dialysis clinics, Dr. offices, home health , and per - diem contracts. 

Full time Technicians can earn yearly $29,000 - $42,000