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                         BNATP Training  Program Entry Requirements : 

Be at least 16-18 years of age  ( if under 18 needs parental consent) ,complete all  enrollment forms at school office , have  valid picture ID , complete payment plan contract and pay  tuition

                          Mandatory background check and live-scan fingerprint 

Have a current  documented TB test  result 

Be committed to completion of all program requirements, 

May become eligible to take the Illinois State  Competency Exam; after successful passing of course requirements and be added to the Illinois Health Care Workers Registry  .


What is a CNA ?

 Certified Nursing Assistant is trained to take care of individuals  under the direct supervision of a Licensed Nurse (RN, LPN ) CNA's uses skills learned to assist with mobility, toileting , bathing  grooming ,maintaining nutrition and fluid intake , monitoring the vital signs and is a valuable member of the healthcare team , can provide hands on care to residents , patients, clients in a variety of health care settings . 

This profession is in demand due to the baby boomer aging population  and can be beneficial in entering the Professional Nursing  Training Programs

Certified Nursing Assistants can earn ($25,000 - $32,000 yearly)

         Employment can be gained in various settings  :

        Long Term Care and Acute Care Settings

        Nursing Home & Rehab Centers 

       Hospice & Home Health & Private Care Settings

      Assisted Living , Adult  Day Care , Hospitals, Medical Clinics , Urgent Care Centers .

           Certified Nursing Assistants can earn ($25,000 - $32,000 yearly)



Requirements for enrollment : Be 18 years of age , be a CNA ( optional ) commit to completion of program requirements , pay deposit  or have voucher, complete enrollment forms   with a scheduled appointment  at school office  , current TB documentation .

Become eligible for National Phlebotomy Certification upon successful completion of program.

A Phlebotomist is a trained member of the healthcare team who performs a variety of procedures and specific preparation in the collection of blood specimens as written and ordered by a physician .

Phlebotomists can work in in areas of many medical facilities , hospitals, clinics , certified laboratories , dialysis clinics , Dr. offices , home health , and per - diem contracts

Full time Technicians can earn yearly ($29,000 - $42,000)